This History map shows the medallist results of the Rio 2016 Olympicis Games. Click on the medal icons to visualize the informations content in the pop-up: Sport, Competition, Athlete medallist and Country. Click here to watch the map on full screen

This interactive map represents the History of the Olympics Games narrating through the amount of medals won in each event. The list on the top of the map box represents each Olympic Event. The last map shows the total amount of medals won by each country in the whole history of the Olympic summer Games. The map gallery begins with the first Olympic Games of the Modern Era: Athens 1896 and then goes on to XXX_London 2012. If you Click on the blue medal icons inside of the map you can access the pop-up content information: Country name, Total of medals, Ranking, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and more information. Click here to see the map in full screen.

The last map of the series will be updated daily once the Rio Olympic Games begin. What will happen in Rio 2016?

Where should my new children's clothing business be located?

Through the analysis of data obtained from the Spanish National Statistics Institute (INE), now georeferenced, is very easy to answer that question.

The main goal of this work is to provide a probabilistic regional assessment of the coastal vulnerability of Sardinian sandy beaches to storm impacts.

We considered the beaches as coastal units and we have assessed the geomorphic coastal vulnerability taking into account the intensity of storm induced hazards (Run up elevation, Volume of beach eroded and Beach retreat) and  the adaptation capacity of the system. The methodology aplied allows to calculate quantitatively-in to separate manner-the erosion and inundation hazards induced by the storms associated to a given probability of occurrence. The practical application of this method is to provide information that allows stakeholders to manage resource allocation and mitigate consequences.

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