What is a Geographical Information System (GIS)?

90% of everything a business does, it´s done "somewhere". Geographical Information Systems offer us a way to effectively collect, store, analyse and present, in a clear and attractive way, spatial data from the real world.

If you have ever used your mobile phone to search for a restaurant or a route to an address, you've already used GIS at a basic level. For end users, a Geographical Information System is a tool that allows you to make informed decisions.

What can you do with GIS?

Some of more common uses for Geographical Information Systems include:

- Business Development 


- Urban planning

- Risks Management

- Energy or Telecommunications Infrastructure

- Highways and Transportation

Does my company needs a Geographical Information System?

GIS is a powerful tool to make data based decisions that has a wide range of applications: management of resources, logistics, territory planning, transportation, opinion polls, demographic studies, epiddemiology and environment, just to name a few.

At SmartGeoWeb using a GIS platform we can analyze topographic, environmental, land use, or demographic data to help you manage your projects and optimize the decision making process within your company.

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