SmartGeoWeb GIS Consultants will help you in all the steps of the process to develop your GIS projects.

As a first step we will review the data you have and help you make the most of them, according to the objectives of your organization. We will be with you at each step of the software implementation, taking care this transition process it´s integreted seamlessly within your regular organization.

Services for GIS Projects

Analysis of needs and requirements of the Geographical Information System requested by the client.

Advice on available databases. Development and implementation of databases.

Design, development and implementation of GIS Desktop application. Training users within the company for their use.

Digital cartographic production

Web GIS Applications design and development

We offer support for most commercial map sources, including: Esri Maps, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, and more


In addition to these maps the user can access other sources of data through WMS standard Geospatial services.



Although still relatively little known, the use of GIS has begun to be more widespread, in particular in the following areas:


Species habitat mapping

To find, map and evaluate habitats potential for a species, we can use and combine tools such as terrestrial maps, aereal images and remote sensing techniques to detect areas of greater value relative to species. Presenting these data on an interactive map allows easier visualization and helps us to manage the available resources better.

Choice of a building area

Geographical Information System can be useful when choosing where to locate a new landscape feature. Geospatial analysis allows us  to make a detailed evaluation of the area before choosing, based on factors such as density of population, need for a certain service, distribution of income, relative distances...

Change detection

We can measure the changes over time of an area or element of the field. For example, in combination with data obtained by remote sensing is possible to identify changes in the vegetable covering, sources of water, changes in coastal morphology, among others, and project its future evolution.

Transportation planning

The planning of new routes of transport using a GIS platform allows us to combine information on already existing routes, topographic, demographic and environmental data to display and analyze the best route based in different factors: flattest route, less environmental damage, less impact on  local communities, etc.

Risk maps of floods and other natural phenomena

The evaluation of the vulnerabilty of an area  to natural phenomena using time series of data and statistical modeling techniques to generate risk maps that graphically represent the future projection of flooding levels in the area.


See Web GIS Demo Sardinian coastal vulnerability
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