Why use a content management system?

Simply put a content manager is a software package that facilitates the creation, management, publishing and distribution of content online.

Depending on the needs and capabilities of the client, the content manager can be configured to be used by a specialized webmaster or be so simple and intuitive that can be used effectively without the need for technical expertise.

Advantages in content management

Create new content and articles quickly using an interface very similar to a Word document

Update images and content at the moment, even from mobile devices or your email


Interfaz de administración de Joomla

Flexible and intuitive management interface

Fully compatible with third-party plug-ins

Integrates easily with e-commerce solutions

Plugins such as Google Checkout, Paypal, Stripe, Redsys and other Spanish payment gateways.

Optimization (SEO) search engine

Google Analytics easily installable and manageable

Easy upgrade of the metadata and sitemap that allows you to keep your site updated in the search engines.

Multi-level user permissions

Limit or give access to different parts of your website, depending on the role within your company

Adaptable, scalable and robust solutions

Total creative freedom in design


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