With over 50 million downloads, Joomla! is the world´s most popular Content Manager due to its scalability and ease of use

What are the advantages of using Joomla?

  1. Fast, robust and scalable. If you expect your business and your website to grow in the future, Joomla is the perfect solution

  2. Built-in SEO Management which improves positioning and will allow you to manage Google Analytics from the Backend of your site

  3. The administration of Joomla! has a friendly "Look and Feel" built with the powerful Bootstrap responsive framework

  4. Runs on PHP 7 (released in November 2015), with which it has a performance up to 2 x faster and a consumes 50% less storage  than PHP 5.6, allowing you to serve more concurrent users without adding more hardware

  5. It allows a large number of simultaneous queries to databases

  6. Ideal for the management of large volumes of content (social networks, photography and video sites, news, big corporate websites, E-commerce with large stocks, portals etc.)



In SmartGeoWeb we use Joomla templates as a basis for custom web development. This allows us to use part of the code to save time and costs to the client while the web is still completely customizable.


If already know what like contact us... and if are looking for ideas for your new website, take a look at our Joomla Templates:

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