A landing page is a page within a website that is not accessible through the classic navigation menus of any site, but we land on it after clicking on an external link. Is characterized by a single goal: achieve the user to perform a certain action desired by the advertiser.


On the other hand, a landing page is much more focused to get contact information from customers. Since landing pages are not optimized for SEO, normally a landing page can be reached via:

-Sponsored ads or pay per click (PPC) using Google Adwords to re-direct the user form the advertisement directly to this landing page.

-The use of QR codes

-By sending newsletters.

Is very important that if the user must fill a form to respond to the call to the action you only ask for essential easy information.

Is a microsite the same as a landing page?

A microsite, also known as minisite or weblet, is a single web page or a handful of pages, which are intended to function as semi-independent pages of an existing website or to complement offline activity. The microsite can have its own domain name or subdomain.

The usefulness of a microsite can be explanatory, promotional or a way for small businesses and freelancers to expand its customer base.

At SmartGeoWeb we take advantage of the businesses advantages offered by a microsite by recommending our customers to use a powerful and dynamic design mostly made up of multimedia content that keep the user focused.

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